Montmorillonite Cloud Water Rock Bags (4)

  • $39.00

Montmorillonite rocks in one ounce tea bags.

Used to create cloud water.  Drop one tea bag in one gallon of distilled water and shake well.  Drink 4-8 ounces of cloud water 1-2 times per day. Wait at least one hour after eating or taking medication to drink cloud water and one hour after drinking cloud water to eat or take medication. 

No more than two servings of eight ounces should be consumed per day.

Montmorillonite and other healing clays are not to be taken internally concurrently with life-sustaining prescribed medications without very careful medical supervision.  Used in conjunction with medications or herbal programs may lessen the effects of medications without careful administration.

Montmorillonite and other healing clays should not be used by those with a clinically diagnosed iron intolerance (a rare condition) without seeing a laboratory analysis of the clay used or blood sample monitoring.